God created us to have a friendship with Him. Our sin separates us from God, but Jesus death on the cross provides a path to reconciliation. The sections below describe how to reconcile with God through Jesus' forgiveness.

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Our Two Sided Problem

"For Adam’s sin led to condemnation..."


God created mankind in His image- Holy.  Holiness is the ability to balance love and justice for the good of the other person. But when Adam sinned, his holiness was replaced by sinful selfishness. Not only was mankind's nature changed, but his relationship with God and others was hurt.  Rather than being friends, Adam hid from God.  Rather than being partners and equals, Adam and Eve shifted to hyper-competition and shame and blame. Their sinful nature caused them to act sinfully.

This is our two-sided problem. First, we inherited Adam’s sinful nature. Second, our sinful nature causes us to commit acts of sin. That’s a problem because, in God’s justice, He demands sin to be paid for with our blood, our lives.

God's Two Sided Solution

"but God’s free gift leads to our being made right with God"

Romans 5:16


God sent his only son, Jesus, to show us how to have a right relationship with each other and God.  Then God allowed him to die as a substitute for us. He didn't have any sin of his own to pay for.  So, his death gave him the authority to pay the price for our sin. In order to accept this gift of forgiveness, He requires us to commit ourselves to following Him, putting his teachings into practice. This solves the problem of our punishment.

However, we still have a sinful nature that causes us to rebel against God.  If it isn't dealt with, we will constantly sin against God and behave selfishly in our relationships. So, God sent the Holy Spirit to live inside our body and to give us power to resist the sinful nature's selfishness. When we ask Jesus to forgive us, he not only forgives our sin, but also puts the Holy Spirit inside of us. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to say "yes" to God and "no" to sin.  He also gives us the ability to love God and love people. He restores God's holiness in our character.

How to Accept Christ's Forgiveness

Accepting Jesus' forgiveness is very easy.  When you come to God on His terms, He applies Jesus' death to your spiritual debt and adopts you into His family.

Read through the section below.  If you agree to God's terms, pray to God and tell Him.  
It's that simple!

1. Confess your sins

This simply means admitting to God that you have sinned.  You refuse to blame others, and you take personal responsibility for your decisions.

2. Repent

Repent is a Bible word that means to change your mind.  At one point you didn't want God leading your life and you wanted to keep sinning. But, you've changed  your mind.  In fact you feel sorry for the way you've lived and promise follow God as He helps you change.

3.  Believe Jesus' death is enough.

This means you believe Jesus' really is God's son, the sacrifice God offered to pay for our sin.  We believe he died, was buried, and rose again. We believe he sits at the Father's right hand in heaven and that he will return to judge the world.

4. Let Jesus lead  your life.

Jesus' resurrection proved he is God, the ruler of heaven and earth.  He won't accept anything less than the position of absolute ruler in our lives.  So, we commit to following His will once we know it.  Sometimes it isn't easy.  Sometimes we blow it. But, we commit to God to never give up.

A Prayer for Salvation

If you are ready to accept Christ's forgiveness, this sample prayer can help you organize your thoughts.  You can pray this prayer, or pray it in your own words.  God understands and will honor the intent of your heart.

"Father, I am accepting your terms.  I confess my sins and am repenting of my sinful life.  I accept Jesus as my leader. Forgive my sins and place your Spirit inside of me. I promise to never give up and to grow every day in my understanding of Jesus' teaching. I will live my life following Jesus.  Amen."