Community center

Be kind and compassionate to One Another

Ephesians 4:32

At Boundless Church we believe the community should be different because we are here. We seek to show God's love by making a positive impact in our community. Our childcare, sports, and after-school programs make up our Community Center and are a vital part of our mission here.

King's Kingdom Childcare

King’s Kingdom Child Care & Preschool (260.724.2047) is intentionally aimed at an educational model, incorporating both traditional child care center activities as well as Christian based pre-school curriculum. We are committed to partnering with parents in meeting their responsibility in a rapidly changing world by providing curriculum, resources and professional godly instruction.  
As a Level 3 Childcare facility, Kings Kingdom Preschool provides knowledge and skills necessary for planning appropriate activities and opportunities that lead children toward school readiness. We have made significant investment in the professional development of the staff and incorporate family and staff input into the program.
Rest assured, we will give your child the nurture and care they need, deserve and require for a healthy future mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

CGYC (CG Youth Center)

Empowering Students for Success

CG Youth Center empowers 7th to 12th grade students to reach their full God-given potential through education and life skills training that supports their transition into adulthood. Students can join CGYC on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week from 3:00-6:00 PM during the school year for tutoring, snacks, recreation, and various life skills training and STEAM projects geared to help students learn new skills and  choose a life path that fits who they are as an individual. 


CG Sports uses various physical activities to connect to people on a spiritual level. With seasons for Football, Cheerleading, Archery, Extreme Archery (a.k.a. Archery Tag) and more there's something available for any age group.