Ken Stirratt

Associate Pastor

Educational Background:
Ordained Elder, Associates in Business (Illinois Central College), Intermediate Church Initiative training

Favorite Movies: It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas
Favorite Foods: tacos, pizza, steak
Hobbies: photography
Accomplishments: Helping train pastors for 27 years through the NEI district school of ministry, building leaders and restoring pastors to full-time ministry; through 52 years of marriage learning to counsel people to a successful marriage

I love serving at Boundless because... 
it gives me a chance to enhance my ministry and share the gospel with people in various ways.

What I bring to the ministry at Boundless is... 
50 years of preaching, teaching and evangelism through The Word.

If I did anything else besides ministry at Boundless, I would.... 
work with young pastors to teach them ministry and leadership.