Rod Penrod

Evangelism Pastor

Educational Background:
Physical Education Major, Grace College; Ordained Elder; Licensed insurance agent.
Favorite Movies: Patton, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rudy
Favorite Foods: Steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, peas, salad,  german chocolate cake,  fruit pies, iced tea.  That's my happy meal!
Hobbies: sports,  hobbies, making people laugh
Accomplishments: I organized a Billy Ballenger Break the Grey event for all Adams County Schools in 2017. NCAA All American in Track and Field. As an insurance salesman, I was  "Rookie of the Year" in Indiana.  My sales awards include National Campion, Chairman's Conference,  Life Leader, and President's Elite.

I love serving at Boundless because... 
I can be me.  I can use my God-given talents to dream big dreams, cast a vision, surround myself with right people for the journey, and lead our teams across the finish line.

What I bring to the ministry at Boundless is... 
I am a people person and I am in my strength zone connecting with people, sharing the gospel, and bringing others into ministry. I am a visionary with a tenacious spirit and a "can do" attitude.  My background in sales and persuasive influence help me accomplish my calling with CG Sports.

If I did anything else besides ministry at Boundless, I would.... 
spend my days on missions trips, public speaking, entertaining, coaching, and encouraging others in sales, leadership, and evangelism.