Transform Life Coaching

Equipping people to transform their lives into the fullness of God's Glory.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a client-directed, goal-oriented approach to helping people fulfill their goals, dreams, and life purpose. This confidential and trustworthy relationship offers clients new and different perspectives as well as assignments and activities that move the client toward action.

How We Can Help?

Coaching empowers people to transform their lives through encouragement, support, accountability, and goal planning. A coach helps people through such things as:
Life transitions
Spiritual growth
Family and Relationship issues
Goal setting
Career and work problems

Your coach will be committed to helping you find the life you want and deserve!

Who Needs a Coach? 

Life coaching is a fee-based ministry that helps people through various stages of life- stages of new beginnings and new endings, stages of dilemma and dissatisfaction, stages of major change and stagnation. Whatever the stage, a coach encourages, believes in, leads, and trains others to achieve their goals. However, coaching is not counseling, therapy, or in any way a substitute for professional services. Coaching helps those who are beyond the need for counseling and are ready to move forward on their path to fullness in Christ. If  people are stuck, unsure of where God is calling them, or they just need another person to keep them moving forward, a life coach may be just what they are looking for. A coach will help clients gain new perspectives, accountability, clarity of values, action plans, goal-setting, encouragement, spiritual growth, changed behaviors, and more. They help people get from where they are to where they want to be.

Why We Do This? 

Transform Life Coaching & Mentoring believes that loving God, loving people, and bearing fruit are essential to living in the fullness of God’s plan. Each child, young-adult, adult, and elderly person  is vital to a healthy family and community. Through the ministry of life coaching and mentoring we are able to:
Grow strong leaders
Renew families
Help people fulfill their God-given purpose
Strengthen relationships
Empower others to change their world

We believe all people are worth investing in and that Christ has given all his children unique gifts to fulfill his purpose in this world. Transform Life Coaching and Mentoring desires to help people accomplish whatever dream, goal, or desire God has placed upon them now and in the future.

What Services Do We Provide? 

One-on-One Coaching

Helping you reach your goals works through accountability, goal-setting, and processing with a coach. 

Relationship. Family. Premarital Coaching

Whether you're just a bout to tie the knot, been married for years, or have one or ten children.... we can help  you become stronger together. 

Youth Coaching

Investing into a youth impacts the world. We're here for all ages. 


Have a worship or seminar you need a speaker for?  We're available to teach and train others how to live their best life. 

Small Groups

Boundless Church holds small groups on various topics and books. Being in fellowship with others is vital to our mental health. 

Community Services and Connections

We connect people to our community by working together  and serving as one in Adams County. 


Limited Hours available. 

Transform Life Coaching is associated with
Boundless Church of the Nazarene.
Located at 6555 N Piqua R.d. Decatur, IN 46733 

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